My Fav book of the month

Hey People,

Note:I’m addicted to self help books & this one is indeed something, we all might need at one point of time(At least I needed it the most at this point of time in life)

So to begin with the name of the book

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering & Organising

Lemme just tell you what was just happening in life.

A dear friend of mine had come over for a cup of coffee at my place and it was on one of those days when everthing at home was just not at it’s best,that dear friend of mine totally took the oppurtunity to give me some advice on every single arena of life,starting from fitness to cleaning up the house.I am somebody who takes just everything to heart,hence forth I had to do something about the way my home sweet home looked like.The friend did volunteer to help me around dealing with the mess.(Thankgoodness!)

Yes,It was a kickstarter for alot of things I didnt really think I would be doing  such as I was forced to clean things, throw things away,mop the floor & all of this was not at all funny.

In the midst of doing all that I did feel that I have to a certain extent achieved my target  it wasn’t a very convincing thought though.At the back of my mind I did feel that there is alot that needs to be done.I started looking online thought maybe there shall be something that shall give me a further kick to improve the situation.(F.Y.I. situation wasn’t really that bad !)That’s when I stumbled upon a video of Marie Kondo regarding cleaning up, the things she was talking made me feel these are the kind of things probably even I can do without much help(I get highly emotional when  Parade clean up  is on).

I guess enough of me ranting about it. Lets talk about the book now.

Marie Kondo, a cleaning consultant whose book is a bestseller in her native Japan and in Europe with more than two million copies sold. This 30 year old speaks about the subject of decluttering .She talks about the relationship between three things: “In essence, tidying ought to be the act of restoring balance among people, their possessions, and the house they live in.” She feels that the art of decluttering is “a special send-off for those things that will be departing,” and part of the process should be “a ceremony to launch them on a new journey.” Think of the emotion invested in sending off a son or daughter to college. Here is a chance to express your gratitude to your clothes, memorabilia, and papers which have spent many years in your company. As you touch them it is pleasurable to remember the role they have played in the story of your life.I personally super like this idea since it helps me get rid of the retlessness.

She firmly believes that serious tidying up cannot be done in baby steps of 15 minutes daily or throwing out a few things every day. Earlier I would always do what she says one must not do and trust me nothing seemed to be moving I would always be angry at myself thinking as to why is it that things aren’t changing.There have been times when in the past I have also talked about the situation with my dear friends and there was this one friend of mine who would always say to me that I am always buying things and I never throw away stuff.I disagree to that though! Anyways,Marie’s  philosophy is to do it all at once. Kondo’s criteria for tossing or keeping something is, “Does it spark joy in you or not?”

Trust me I have cheated alot!every single thing Marie talks about as to what not to do,I have done it all,thats the reason why as to my house was completely bummed with useless things.i would always and always fold my clothes while i would be on a long phone call which she says is a no go.It takes alot to change for sure but the change is totally worth it.the process is a little painfull initially but you gotta do what you gotta do!!Doing all of that in the way mentioned by Marie will not just change the way how your house looks but also you shall see some other things move out of your life too..Thats how all of this works.Major major breakthrough will happen in each one of our lives.I am experiencing mine hope you  have a great experience too!

There are many  tips in this very helpful book.Let’s all spark Joy!Hope you all pick a copy soon! I am going to order the japanese version of it soon.Totally looking forward to it.


Review of”Mirror Work” by Louise Hay

I haven’t read too many of Louise Hay books 
Have recently read one of her books called “You can heal your life”… something I was able to connect with because I some how believed in the similar kind of things.Indeed it gave me a lot of insight to my own health issues.

Have recommended the book to a lot of my family members and friends too,who somehow seem to show interest in alternate healing.

I was now looking for a book trough which would help get over one of the thinking patterns that I have and I am currently in the process of healing it.

That’s when I got my hands on this book called “Mirror work”

For nearly 40 years, Louise Hay has been teaching others about healing, the power of affirmations.
“Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life,” she walks readers through 21 exercise to heal their lives and help them tap into self love.

Each day, Hay presents a different theme, a Mirror Work Exercise, a Journaling Exercise and a Heart Thought to support the reader throughout the day. There is also a meditation each day that can be read from the book or downloaded in an audio format.

“Each day that you practice this new way of thinking about yourself and about life will help erase the old, negative messages you have been carrying for so long,” Hay says in the book. “Soon you will be smiling more and finding it easier to look in the mirror. Soon the affirmations will start to feel true.”

 I myself  am trying on the stuff written in the book and indeed as she says it’s kind of hard to do initially but the moment you get the hang of it.You do sorta fall in love with not just Louise Hay and her work but also with yourself.😀

To all those people who haven’t read it yet! Go grab your copy quickly and do lemme know how you felt after you tried out the exercises mentioned in it!!

Happy healing tribe!!

DIY Facepack

Hey people!

It’s been proved that Indian kitchens are storehouses of beauty remedies. You don’t even need to worry about different skin types. There is no end to the way you can use an ingredient – cleanser, exfoliating agent or as a face pack. So, the next time you wish to buy a cleanser, toner or face pack, just re-think. Why not try these natural ingredients for your skin care from the kitchen? They are light on your pocket yet give you fabulous results.

Wanted to tell you all about this amazing herbal face mask. That I have started using off late that has really worked wonders on my skin. Since I`ve been travelling a lot and I stay in village at Rajasthan there is a lot of dust. Due to which I was having acne. The situation was really getting from bad to worst until I started using this herbal face pack which I make at home every night . So all you need to do to prepare this herbal face pack is


  • 1 teaspoon finely crushed Chironji (Choora of Chironji)
  • 1 teaspoon full creame milk.
  • A pinch of turmeric.


First of all spread chironji in a dish and put it in sunlight for 2-3 hours then finely grind it in mixer/grinder and keep the choora in airtight jar. Now take this powder of chironji and to it mix a teaspoon of milk in it. Finally add a pinch of turmeric and mix it well so that you can apply it easily on your face. Let it be like this on your face for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with splashes of water.

Once you start using it regularly for a week you shall see a hell lot of difference on your face. It truly works on all those blemishes, freckles and acne marks. Thus now it is clear that Chironji is not only an ingredient in yummy sweets but also can be an ingredient in effective DIY face mask recipes. Our Dadi-Nani are well aware of benefit of this wonderful dry fruit and are using it since ages to lighten skin tone and maintaining softness and suppleness of the skin. This masks recipe is very easy and simple so that you can get the best out of easily available items in your kitchen.

I personally suggest one should use least amount of chemicals on our skin. Almost all skin care products contain synthetic substances – petroleum (chemical) based. Studies have found that oral and topical application of petrochemicals in rodents resulted in anemia, kidney degeneration, and nerve damage to the brain and spinal cord. Even more disturbing was that several animals died before the study ended! I am shocked that people still use these chemicals on their body? In the past little, was known about the long term exposure to petrochemicals. However, today we know that many of the household cleaning products, home furnishings and our food supply is loaded with petrochemicals, and this is linked to the rise in cancer, along with other diseases.






Slo mo life!!

Hi everyone! Its a Thursday and boy, I think I’m the most exhausted I’ve been in a while.

Tucked away in the middle of  the fields,this was a place I felt life shall be like a piece of cake, smooth and slow .But when it comes to me things have to be different.It had to be a roller coaster ride..

No day is the same(which is fun without any doubts)Well there are days when I like to switch roles I’m an introvert at my core. I need alone time to recharge. I love nights spent at home eating home cooked food love wearing my pajamas (n also secretly don`t like taking showers on non working days). I love curling up with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee. That’s a good day to me.

But today I woke up late rushed to the loo,grabbed my mug of coffee,finished my morning prayers had a bowl of fruits n off I went to work..ran to catch a bus.There i was sandwiched between two buses when my savior showed up(heheheh).A known person offered for a carpool.I knew i would reach on time.But wallah even though i was on time now my cab guy went to pick me somewhere else.

Still reached office right on time just before the meeting started..The moment  I settled down. It was time to head out to take interviews.One fun part of my job.There were three candidates heading in for the costing position.One of the guys was from Varanasi…who talked too much.Then there was a sweet dude from Faridabad wearing a shirt pant and a tie who was nervous, had to offer him water to clear his throat. That moment all of us laughed n told him to relax.n then was the third one was the rock-star from Rohtak..It was funny how my boss noted that the guys fingers were broken and we have to think before hiring him…

This  entire session lasted for two hours. and ever since then i have been busy with translations(F.Y.I. I am a Japanese interpreter n am currently doing a freelancing assignment)Here i am waiting for work to end! Munching my Acti-Snack!I am hoping to grab an ice cream on my way back.

Once I shall be done with work,shall  connect with my friends and head to another village which is around an hour away from my place.. Will be going to chant with the kids there.Lets see how the latter half of my day goes.If it rains then its just going to be perfect.









Walking my way to paradise!

Came back home after office and thought of going out for a walk n went out to  chant at the nearby Buddhism center we have which is very close to my place…

Me and a couple of my friends joined me at the garden and we chanted for about half n hour and enjoyed our walk at the lovely garden.

It was a delight to be there.

We ended up eating lotus seeds as we plucked them out of the lotus pond.  IMG_2186[1]

Its difficult to describe the beauty of the place in words…Its peaceful,calm and the energy that one can feel around that place,away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.One can feel the joy of living,can reflect upon ones own actions and can totally chalk down what they want to do next.

Well thoughts always flow in.Too many thoughts clouded my mind.But i just couldn’t help get disconnected from everything n just gazed up in the sky..

and as time passed by n it got dark we could see the fireflies lighting our way..

Its been years since Ive seen fireflys…Its been years since i ran after one..

So i wanted to go back to my childhood and catch a few and live those days once again..

As I ran. I reminded myself of my childhood.

Unfolding the things I think about when I walk through life.

Not that I am too old(just a reminder to myself !!)

But yes with the given time n pressure from all sides..

We forget to enrich ourselves and do not take out time to be the real we.

We forget who we are since we are too busy playing the roles we are supposed to play.

At times i feel lost in that maze too.

And here is the place I remind myself of the bygone days,of my childhood,of the freshness of life. and how unique our missions are in this dramatic life.